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Who Is Tanmia 360?

Tanmia 360 is a Libyan NGO, based in Benghazi, Libya, founded and led in 2018 by a group of young professionals under the oversight of a Board of Trustees from all walks of life. Tanmia 360 aims to support comprehensive development by providing youth-led sustainable programmes designed to pragmatically address the community’s needs in order to enhance the services provided and to reinforce the role of active community partnerships.

What does 360 means?

360 emergences from Tanmia 360’s vision of achieving comprehensive development in the community. That is, all the organization’s programmes, activities and initiatives are implemented and launched with a comprehensive approach.

What are Tanmia 360’s goals?

To coordinate and promote the strategic development efforts of governmental services. To support comprehensive development programs through studies, research, and establishment of related projects. To promote communications and cooperation between non-governmental organizations civil society organizations, governmental entities and service recipients. To enhance the role of youth in national comprehensive development. To raise awareness, train and rehabilitate in a way that helps improve the standard of living in the country.

What are Tanmia 360’s values?

Integrity Credibility Partnership Transparency Professionalism and Objectivity

Who are your partners?

Tanmia 360 has local, regional, and international partners, in addition to NGOs and CSOs, all aiming to achieve comprehensive development in the community.

Where do you work/function?

For the time being, we are working locally within Benghazi city, and we aspire to work on an international level in Libya in the near future.

How can I be part of Tanmia 360’s community?

By participating in our programmes and activities, or by joining us as an intern or volunteer.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), or our email info@tanmia360.org.


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