Strategic Plan (2023-2026)

30 May 2023

Due to the relatively positive change in the current situation compared to what it was previously, Tanmia 360 sought to re-examine and analyze the needs and worked over a period of approximately six months to study the current situation. Five new strategic priorities were reached that keep pace with the current situation in Libya in general and the city of Benghazi in particular. These priorities were determined based on data collected through the programs and projects implemented during the past years and through a study of the current situation. After the Board of Trustees approved the proposed strategic priorities, several consultative sessions were held with stakeholders from governmental and private entities, international and local organizations and entities. Through these sessions, priorities and initiatives that might be implemented were discussed, as well as ways of collaboration. Tanmia 360 concluded the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, and the official launch ceremony of the Strategic Plan was held on May 30, 2023.