The Tanmia Urban Forum

The Tanmia Urban Forum


space 360

10 June 2023


Tanmia 360

3:00 AM - 9:00 PM

The Tanmia Urban Forum is a program that brings officials and decision-makers together to convene with the participation of Benghazi residents and discuss the most important issues related to reconstruction in areas related to the future of Benghazi downtown “Wasat EL Blad” and Benghazi as a whole.

This programme will be implemented in collaboration with the Municipality of Benghazi, the Benghazi and Derna Reconstruction Fund and the Heritage Cities Management Authority – Benghazi and funded by the Libyan Transition Initiative (LTI)- USAID.

This program seeks to achieve:

  1. Promoting the principle of community participation and joint responsibility in developing and creating future visions for the city of Benghazi that contribute to preserving the architectural identity in the reconstruction stage and the historical symbols that have been passed down through generations.

  2. Enhancing connections and interlinking between various governmental and non-governmental parties.

  3. Providing support and advice to the official authorities which are responsible for the planning and reconstruction files, as well as funding construction works.

  4. Providing the opportunity for the participation of young professionals specialized in the relevant aspects to open horizons for a new generation of young people to be future leaders.

  5. Advocate to raising the level of public community awareness of the new urban plan for the city of Benghazi and the development and reconstruction programs.

The Urban Forum will take place over two weeks, where:

The first week consists of lectures and workshops targeting the youth, provided by specialists including architects and planners, legal, financial, and economists. Outputs of this week will be produced by participants at the end of each workshop to be presented to and shared with decision-makers to enhance public participation culture in decision-making process.

The second week comprises panels and seminars that gather officials, decision-makers, citizens, and youth to be part of the discussions that tackle the most prominent topics related to reconstruction.